Monday, September 20, 2010

Denver Examiner Review of Ten Little Zombies: A Love Story

When someone mentions romantic nursery rhyme, rarely does one think of a blood thirsty undead horde.
Cartoonist Andy Rash may soon change all that.
With his new short book, “Ten Little Zombies”, Rash delivers a tale so full of humor and sentiment that it oozes charm like a pus-filled zombie’s face.
In fact, it is so clever and sweet it might even soft the heart of a certain zombie examiner I know. But probably not.
Author and artist Andy Rash is also the brains behind the books “The Robots are Coming, and Other Problems” and “Superhero School”. You can follow his animation antics on his blog at
This book is suitable for adults and children. It would also make a great Halloween or even Valentine’s Day gift.
Ten Little Zombies” is available locally from the Boulder Book Store, located across from Old Chicago on the Pearl Street Mall at 1107 Pearl Street in Boulder.

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